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Abhishek Kumar Shukla

Cell: 7081961145

I am an outgoing and energetic (ask anybody) young professional, seeking a career that fits my professional skills, personality, and murderous tendencies. My squid-like head is a masterful problem solver and inspires fear in who gaze upon it. I can bring world domination to your organization.


United College of Engineering and Research Naini,Allahabad,Uttar Pradesh,India

B.Tech: Year 2017 -Year 2021 (Current SGPA : 6.65)
Secondary Education(Class 12):Passing Year 2017(Percentage: 55%)
High School(Class 10):Passing Year 2013(CGPA: 7.2)


Office skills

Office and records management, database administration, event organization, customer support, travel coordination

Computer skills

Microsoft productivity software (Word, Excel, etc), Adobe Creative Suite, Windows, UI & UX Developer, Android Developer, Internet of things(IOT), Web Developer, Networking, Ethical Hacking, Operating System, Poster Design.

Creative/Technical Writer

Technical and content Writer at Community and Medium by username Abhishekalbert and Abhishek Shukla respectively.

Language Specific Skills

C language, JAVA, Python, Javascript, JQuery, Bashing, PHP, My SQL, Boostrap.


  • Made a trivia game which based on Harry Potter Movie and Currently available on Google Assistant Plateform
  • Make a Chatbot with the help of Dialogflow and also used database connectivity to save data of user for my college project
  • Home automation using IOT.
  • Created an custome a website for his client's Pet Shop.
  • Design some Posters in college events.


UGI Coding Community Founder Naini Allahabad 2018-2021

  • Open first coding community in my college
  • Almost 4 to 5 months runs through WhatsApp then we got permission for live session on every Sunday.
  • Provided free coding resources and promote coding in my college
  • It cover almost 5 colleges of United Group of Institution Allahabad.

Author At Study Tonight website

  • Worked for a months as an author.
  • Currently my authorship is pending.
Watching Hacking, Sci-Fi related movies, TV shows, and Anime (Like Naruto, Code Geass etc.), Reading articles related to computer and coding, Playing FPS Games, Discussion on Computer Science related branch, Travling and attending Webinars (Mostly Online Webinars).